What does Financial Wellbeing Mean?

Financial wellbeing refers to how your relationship with money can have a positive impact on other areas of your life. We strongly believe that our finances are at the centre of how we feel about ourselves, our present and our future and are passionate about making sure you always have the financial freedom of choice. At KP Financial Wellbeing, we strive to do this by looking at the five pillars of financial wellbeing to open up an honest conversation about what’s important to you.

1. Set Life and Financial Goals

The first pillar is all about looking beyond just figures and is more about setting achievable life goals that will remind you of what you are saving for. By beginning to think seriously about your priorities and aspirations for the future we can begin to create informed financial milestones that are influenced by your long and short-term goals. We understand that everyone is different, so this step focuses on what’s important to you and your own measures of success.

2. Save For the Future You Want

It may be hard to imagine yourself in 5, 10, even 15 years from now, but by visualising what’s to come, you can begin to build that life for yourself. Preparation is key to securing the future you want and securing avenues such as the type of retirement you aspire to have. This is why we encourage you to look ahead, to set saving goals so that you can guarantee that you are always one step ahead.

3. Spend Less Than You Earn

When looking to increase your financial stability, you have to know what you’re currently spending, but with the tolls of everyday life, it is all too easy to lose track of where your money is going. Once we have the relevant information, we can begin to make small adjustments to get you closer to achieving your milestones and put you back in control. Together we can utilise a budget planner, work to reduce any non-essential expenditure, and encourage you to be proactive by comparing the cost of your essential bills.

4. Maximise Your Money

This pillar is all about making your money work harder for you as well as maximising its potential. Your financial wellbeing planner will use their combination of industry experience plus their knowledge of your circumstances to give you bespoke and informed advice that will explore all of your options. Your planner will utilise their expertise so that you can depend on their ability to help your money evolve and grow. 

5. Protect Those You Love

Many of us do not think about how well protected we and our families are in the event of a crisis such as redundancy, illness, or accident. At KP Financial Wellbeing we are invested in looking beyond just statistics and in helping you build policies that give you peace of mind. Together, we can create a plan that you can rely upon in moments of uncertainty to reassure you that your loved ones are secure in their futures.